Today, we are discussing some of the biggest fears that clients have when it comes to hiring a home care agency. as you can imagine we have the opportunity to meet and speak to many individuals considering home care services.

Fears and Concerns.

Almost everyone is anxious about having strangers in their homes. As we talk more with them, we learn that many have more personal concerns. They are afraid of losing their identity, losing their voice, and ultimately losing their independence. Some have had experiences where a home care agency took over their homes, their lives, and did things the caregivers’ way. As a result, many families end up not hiring an agency and trying to do this on their own which in most cases magnifies their stress levels. The human resources position is one of the busiest and most demanding positions in our home care agency. It involves so many moving parts that we have to stay on top of at tall times. It is a huge task for someone who is already dealing with health issues to take on.

How we serve you.

Home care agencies are not created equal and these client fears are valid. There are some agencies that prioritize the clients and the clients’ needs. Such is our agency. We understand how disruptive it would be if the roles were reversed and someone imposed their lifestyle on us. Through training, close supervision, and regular communication, we ensure that the clients or their family members are always in charge. Our goal in this business is to help clients continue living independently in their own homes. We encourage support and promote independence. The first few days of working with you are all about learning you and your ways. Learning how you like things done and what you are comfortable with adjusting, if at all. 

At the end of the day, you are always in charge. It’s your home and your rules. We are there to support you in your most vulnerable time. Here to assist you during your recovery, and to support you to continue thriving and living independently in your home.

How to contact us.

For more information on how we can provide you with home care services in Maryland, call us. Please contact our offices at 410-980-3145 available 24/7 or on Facebook here.

Proudly serving Bowie, Upper Marlboro, Largo, Temple Hills, Fort Washington, District Heights, Waldorf, Dunkirk, and the surrounding areas/counties.

Stay blessed.

Jacque Hustead,
Owner and Managing Director
Serving You Homecare.

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